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Lexmark XC9245

Lexmark XC9245

88.00 error is prompted on newly installed toner cartridges

Issue description

Some new toner cartridges may be defective and not work when the printer is initially setup or when a new cartridge is inserted.


  1. Remove all four toner cartridges from the Lexmark printer.

  2. Stand all four toner cartridges on an even or flat surface. Black portion should rest on flat surface.

  3. Inspect all toner cartridges and make sure that they are all equivalent in height.

  4. If one or more of the toner cartridge is ~0.24 inches (~6 mm) shorter than the rest, mark it as short (marking on white portion is accepted).

  5. Isolate the cartridge and do not install in the printer.

  6. Replace the affected toner cartridge.

    Note:  Refer to the third step to verify if the replacement toner cartridge is in the correct height.

Additional information

Refer to ExtraView escalation ID 693907 for more information.

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