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Lexmark CX920

Lexmark CX920

FW7.4 (074.258) release notes

Lexmark FW7.4 release notes (April 2021)

Base firmware: FW7.4, xxxAT.074.250, xxxBD.074.250, xxxBL.074.250, xxxBN.074.250, xxxGM.074.250, xxxGW.074.250, xxxMH.074.250, xxxPP.074.250, xxxSG.074.250, and xxxZJ.074.250 for the following devices

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Fix for an intermittent 912.76 error on CS32x-CS72x and CX32x-CX72x Series printers when printing narrow media
  • Resolve an issue on CS92x and CX92x Series printers where the device intermittently fails to print after waking from sleep
  • Fix an issue where device is unable to send Job Accounting emails but successfully sends other emails
  • Added support for a hardware change in scanner ADF’s
  • Improve Fax Over IP phone system compatibility
  • Fix for an issue where faxes were repeatedly redialing/busy in some countries where devices were running firmware versions 073.230 thru 074.252
  • Change paper side being printed of the last page of a duplex job with an odd number of pages to print on the correct side of a non-plain paper
  • Fix for an intermittent issue that prevented successful scanning to Box using Cloud Connector until device is rebooted
  • Eliminated causes for several 900.00 errors
  • Enable updating of scanner firmware for CX92x Series printers
  • Update staple supply information on reports Improved translations for some messages
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