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Lexmark CX920

Lexmark CX920

FW7.6 (076.308) release notes

Lexmark FW7.6 release notes (April 2022)

Base firmware: FW7.6, xxxAT.076.308, xxxBD.076.308, xxxBL.076.308, xxxBN.076.308, xxxGM.076.308, xxxGW.076.308, xxxMH.076.308, xxxPP.076.308, xxxSG.076.308, and xxxZJ.076.308 for the following devices

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Updated open source package to address CVE-2019-11358

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Fix for a “Busy, Please Wait” hang that intermittently occurs immediately after a firmware update attempt
  • Resolved an issue where the Cloud Print Release Function Access Control was sometimes not visible on supported devices
  • Fix for a 900.00 crash on printers with mailbox output options installed
  • Resolved an issue where Fax Forward to Email did not generate a PDF/A-1b compliant output
  • Fix for an issue where devices experienced spurious reboots
  • Updated 2.4” op panel menus for Microsoft Universal Print
  • Resolved an issue where the device intermittently drops off the network, incorrectly reporting a duplicate IP address
  • Fixed several incorrect PDF, PS, and PCL output issues
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