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Lexmark CX924

Lexmark CX924

CS/CX92x Series Printers and MFPs ? Dirty PC Unit Creating White Streaks in EP Process Direction

Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS921, CS923, CS927

Multifunction: CX920, CX921, CX922, CX923, CX924, XC9235, XC9245, XC9255, XC9265

Issue Description:

When printing, there is a visible streak(s) seen on the paper.

Printhead lens contamination causes voids or lines in the EP process direction*, as seen in the above example.

Normal printing can lead to lens contamination from common dust, paper dust, or toner accumulating on the laser lens.


Clean all four photoconductor units. To do this:

  1. Open door Aand remove the waste toner bottle.

  2. Remove the printhead wiper brush from the inside of the door.

    Make sure that the wiper/brush is clean.
    If you have verified the wiper is beyond cleaning, damaged, or lost, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

  3. Insert the brush into each of the four spots(ports) below the photoconductors and move the brush towards the back of the printer at least three times (preferred) for each slot.

  4. Check the

    waste toner bottle whether it is full or not.

  5. Afterward, return the wiper to its original position, reinsert the waste toner bottle, close door A, and print a test page containing halftones to make sure that lens is thoroughly cleaned.


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