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Lexmark CX921

Lexmark CX921

Lexmark Cloud Connector: Unable to scan to connect or scan to Microsoft one drive when using cloud connector apps

Issue description

  • The end user is unable to connect or scan to Microsoft One Drive using cloud connector application.

  • Unable to complete the registration process, printer generate an error “device certificate is invalid, please check date and time”.

  • This issue happens after entering the QR code generated by the device into


Printers that use the eSF cloud connector will prompt the next user to update at the control panel of the printer. That user presses a button on the control panel to accept the update.

If issue device certificate issue still exists, please follow the following steps below:

  • For native cloud connector:

    1. Go to the printer's EWS (embedded web server) page and enter the printer IP Address.

      eg. http://<printer ip address>/

    2. Select Settings > Device > Restore Factory Defaults > check the box for restore printer settings and click Start.

    3. Delete the Microsoft One Drive profile.

    4. Restart the printer.

  • For esf cloud connector:

    1. Contact Lexmark TSC to get a copy of the esf cloud connector app version: v1.4.8 that contains the updated certificate from Microsoft.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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