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Lexmark CX920

Lexmark CX920

FW7.3 (073.022) release notes

Lexmark FW7.3 release notes (July 2020)

Base firmware: xxxAT.073.022, xxxBD.073.022, xxxBL.073.022, xxxBN.073.022, xxx.GM.073.022, xxx.GW.073.022, xxxMH.073.022, xxxPP.073.022, xxxSG.073.022, xxxZJ.073.022

New features:

  • Add import/export Home screen Customization− OFD Format Scan Format
  • OFD Format Scan Format
  • Email Setup Enhancement (2.8” UI)
  • Universal Print: see KB Article SO8942

Apps (non-BSD models):

  • Card Copy 4.3.30 (if included)
  • Display Customization v4.7.5 (if included)
  • Forms and Favorites v5.3.8 (if included)
  • Scan Center v1.5.16 (if included)
  • Shortcut Center v5.3.8 (if included)

Apps (BSD models):

  • No changes

Security Issues Addressed:

  • CVE-2019-1559 OpenSSL vulnerability
  • CVE-2020-10095 EWS cross-site request forgery

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Fix for an issue where the “Update Firmware”, “About This Printer”, and “Site Links” sections of the device web page are unresponsive if “Apps Configuration” is not available to Public Permissions
  • Multiple usability improvements for 2.8” touch panel devices
  • Fix for an issue where some icons go missing after a few weeks of up-time
  • Improvements to optimize device fan behavior
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi Direct
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