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Lexmark CX920

Lexmark CX920

FW23.0 (230.041) release notes

IMPORTANT! Please make sure to read “Firmware upgrade reminders” before upgrading firmware.

Lexmark FW23.0 release notes (December 2023)

Base firmware: FW23.0, xxxAT.230.041, xxxBD.230.041, xxxBL.230.041, xxxBN.230.041, xxxCT.230.041, xxxGM.230.041, xxxGV.230.041, xxxGW.230.041, xxxMH.230.041, xxxMM.230.041, xxxPC.230.041, xxxPM.230.041, xxxPP.230.041, xxxSG.230.041, xxxSN.230.041, and xxxZJ.230.041

Changes in 230.041 (since 230.039):

  • Field Issue Addressed:

Changes in 230.039 (since 221.214):

  • New Features:
    • Added Smart Card support for PrintCryption
    • Lexmark OnePrint Enhancements
    • Multiple Universal Size support now includes PCL-XL
    • Support for transition to the new Lexmark mobile app
  • Security Issues Addressed:
    • Implement restrictions to firmware downgrades to protect devices against firmware with known security vulnerabilities
    • Added support for User Data Encryption on several device models – additional information is available in this article
    • General security hardening
    • Upgraded open-source components to apply the latest security patches
  • Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:
    • Fix for an issue causing reduced image quality in certain scenarios on CX532, CX635, XC2335, CS531, CS632, C2335, and equivalent devices (CXTGV, CSNGV, CSTGV firmware versions) - it is recommended to run a color calibration (Settings > Print > Advanced Imaging > Color Adjust) on these devices after upgrading to 230.039 if the device is experiencing the issue
    • Fix for an issue where CS/CX82x and CX860 devices and their equivalents did not show the photoconductor status with other supplies statuses (CSTPP and CXTPP firmware versions)
    • Fix for an issue where CS/CX82x and CX860 devices and their equivalents were not able to clear the "Missing Photoconductor" IR after the error state was resolved (CSTPP and CXTPP firmware versions)
    • Resolve registration issues with Microsoft Universal Print
    • Fix for an issue that required AirPrint to be enabled to use IPP over USB
    • Add support for additional media sizes to Prescribe's Set Paper SiZe (SPSZ) command with a parameter of 0
    • Enhanced logging in Event Log
    • Fix for an incorrect print output when printing certain types of PDF, PCL5, or PCL-XL jobs
    • Added support for IdPrime 930 smart card
    • Improve Cloud Services Enrollment Messaging
    • Fix for an issue where 802.1x connections intermittently drop (affected releases are 221.204 through and including 221.220)
    • Fix for an intermittent but inaccurate "Tray 1 Empty" warning occurring on CS/CX72x and their equivalent devices (CSTAT and CXTAT firmware versions)
    • Fix for an issue where a lock icon appears on the device homescreen after upgrade to FW22.1 (release numbers 221.001 thru 221.999)
    • Fix for intermittent 912.76 errors when printing A5 size paper on CS/CX82x and CX860 devices and their equivalents (CSTPP and CXTPP firmware versions)
    • Fixes for multiple fax issues:
      • Fix for 900.00 Out of memory error when using etherFax
      • Fix for issue where printer locks up when using Fax over IP
      • Fix for issue where held faxes are not held after out of service wipe
    • Fixes for multiple sources of 900 errors, some causes include:
      • “callback_timer_expired” 900.00 error occurs in the middle of printing certain jobs
      • “powermanager” 900.00 error intermittently on devices
      • “lwsmd” 900.00 error intermittently on devices
      • 900.00 error when scanning via Cloud Bridge Solutions with an unsupported media size
    • Known Issues/Notes of Interest:
      • A change in the IPP over USB device behavior in this firmware update may cause a second copy of the driver to show up on the PC for devices that are USB connected to a Windows machine running a Lexmark driver.


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