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Lexmark CS921

Lexmark CS921

A clicking or gear skipping noise followed by a 202.93 paper jam

Issue description

A clicking or skipping gear noise emanates from the back-side of the printer around transfer belt height, and proceeds with a 202.93 jam message. This error is defined as a jam at the fuser entry, or the fuser exit sensor never turns on.

Click this link for a sample of the clicking noise.


  1. Replace the Waste Toner Bottle (WTB) if it is clogged. If the WTB has no issues, continue to the next step.

    Note:  The WTB has a capacity of 50,000 pages. If the WTB is clogged or backed up, this leads to numerous errors including a 202.93 paper jam.

  2. Replace the transfer belt if needed. Refer to “Transfer belt removal” instructions for more information.

  3. Turn the printer On, then print a test page and check whether the issue persists.

Service parts

Make sure to validate these service part numbers at the Lexmark Parts Store before ordering.

300K transfer belt maintenance kit

  • 41X2090 - CS923, CX922, CX923, CX924, XC9245, XC9255 and XC9265
  • 41X1593 - CS921, C9235, CX920, CX921, XC9225 and XC9235

Note:  Make sure to perform a Reset Maintenance Kit after replacing part.

Make sure to validate these supply part numbers at the Lexmark Site before ordering.

Waste Toner Bottle