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Main Escalation Checklist Index


This article serves as a guide to gathering necessary information before opening an escalation item.


You should utilize all available technical support resources before electing to escalate issues.

Step 1:

Gather mandatory information below for ALL escalations.

  • Customer Information

    • Account Name

    • Account Address

    • Customer Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email Address

  • Lexmark Device Machine Type/Model


Please utilize this escalation template:


  • Summarize the problem

  • Problem frequency

  • Readily repeatable or random issue

[SETUP or ENVIRONMENT] to include:

  • Number of affected devices (include Lexmark and/or non-Lexmark printers)

  • New roll out or new installation


  • Outline steps to produce the issue.


  • Summarize what happens.


  • What should be the correct outcome compared to the actual behavior.


  • Indicate if customer needs immediate attention, in a hurry or expressed frustration.

[Attached Logs]

  • Enumerate what logs were gathered and attached in the escalation.

Step 2:

Gather Primary Requirements for all Firmware-related issues; i.e.,

Firmware errors






Embedded Solutions


Management Apps






Collect the following requirements if you are experiencing issues which may be related to firmware. Should you have issues specificto a certain function or feature, proceed with

Step 3

for the checklist specific to your issue.

RequirementRelevanceHow to obtain

Logs Gzip

Important Items:

- When possible, be sure to reproduce the problem first and then save the Logs Gzip immediately afterwards to ensure the relevant problem logs are collected. - Do NOT power off the device before collecting logs. Powering off the device will erase the contents of certain important logs needed in solving the issue. - For 900 errors that restart the device, please grab the Logs Gzip after the reboot is complete.

This is a compressed file which contains all the logs from the printer's SE page. This also contains fwdebug for the last three (3) 900 errors as long as auto reboot is enabled.

1. Open printer's Web interface.

To do this:

a. Open a Web browser; e.g., IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. b. Enter the printer's IP Address followed by /se, e.g., Press Enter.

2. Select Logs Gzip Compressed to download the file.

3. Save the file; e.g., logs.tar.gz.


for more details on Logs Gzip; i.e., supported printers, collection, and special considerations.

The logs below are only required when a Logs Gzip is unavailable.

Menu Settings Page

This document contains all the printer settings and running firmware code.

a. Using the printer Control Panel – On the printer, press Menu > Reports > Menu Settings Page.

b. Using the Embedded Web Server (EWS) – Access the printer's EWS, go to Reports > Device Settings. Copy and paste the displayed information to a notepad or text editor.

History information

It contains the history of printer errors and secondary crash codes, which is helpful for diagnosis.

This is just the equivalent of the Event Logs that can be found from the SE web page.

1. Open printer's Web interface.

To do this:

a. Open a Web browser; e.g., IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. b. Enter the printer's IP Address followed by /se, e.g., c. Press Enter.

2. Select History Information.

3. Copy and Save the file.

Step 3:

Select a topic from the list below to view requirements specific to your issue.

Firmware-related topics


For firmware-related issues, be sure to gather all logs indicated in

Step 2


Non-Firmware-related topics

Firmware-related topics

Link to Article
Built-in Functionxref_FA868_xref

Sending/Receiving a Fax Fax from Computer Fax Forward to E-mail Fax Forward to FTP Fax Forward to eSF


Scan Quality Workflow issue


Unable to Send Scan Quality Workflow issue E-mail Alerts


Unable to Send Scan Quality Workflow issue

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Firmware Errorsxref_FA876_xref

900.xx Boot Up Failure 900.xx Error related to Copying 900.xx Error related to DLE 900.xx related to Printing



Firmware Others


Image Quick Barcode PrintCryption Prescribe

(Under construction!)

UCF and NPA request Supply Notification Functionality/Feature/menu option Homescreen Customization

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Network and Security

Information Required to Escalate Security Issues

802.1x Active Directory Addressbook Internal Account Kerberos LDAP + GSAPPI LDAP Password Secure Audit SNMP


All network-related issues

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Embedded Solutions (eSF)Information Required to Escalate eSF Application Issues

Deployment Issue Card Copy and Eco Copy Device Quotas Fax Forward and Forms and Favorites MFP Usage Scan to Hard Disk Scan to Network Scan to Sharepoint Scan to Docuware Downtime Reports eDas and Register ME Interact for Lexmark AccuRead Automate Other eSF Apps Not Listed

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Management Apps





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Non-Firmware-related topics

Link to Article
Print-Related Issuesxref_FA869_xref

Driver Compatibility Driver Feature/Preferences Installation and Deployment Print Output Quality or Anomaly Print Performance

xref_FA892_xrefxref_FA881_xrefxref_FA890_xrefxref_FA882_xrefxref_FA891_xrefxref_FA887_xrefxref_FA1014_xrefSAP Escalation Checklist


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Scan-Related Issuesxref_FA1008_xref

Lexmark Scan Center Lexmark Printer Home Scan to Application Scan Profile/EWS Image Capture Application (ICA)


Under construction!


Presto page manager Scan back utility

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Enterprise Solutionsxref_FA874_xref
  • Lexmark Document Distributor (LDD)-based apps

    • Lexmark Print Management (LPM) Premise

    • Testing and Grading Solutions (TGX)

    • Education Station (EdSta)

    • eForms

    • Custom apps or Software Development Kits (SDKs)

  • Lexmark Distributed Intelligent Capture (LDIC)

  • Pharos Blueprint

  • Lexmark Solutions Platform (LSP) Premise

  • Lexmark Fleet Manager (LFM)

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Paper Jams Print Quality Issues No Power Issues Supplies Issues Media Issues Replacement Parts Issues

Printer Damage Issue

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Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number


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