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Mobile Print

Configuring a printer’s wireless settings using a mobile device

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This article provides steps in configuring the printer to connect to a wireless network using the Lexmark Mobile Assistant App.

Note:  Download the Lexmark Mobile Assistant app using these links:

Mobile Assistant Configuration

  • If the printer is fresh out of the box, and you want to immediately configure the printer to communicate on a wireless network, then start with Initial Printer Setup.
  • If the printer is already in operation using some other connection method, i.e., USB, Ethernet and you want to switch to a wireless connection, then start with Wireless setup.

Initial Printer Setup

  1. Press < or > to change the Language, and then touch OK to save changes.

  2. Press < or > to change Country/Region, and then press OK to save changes.

  3. Press < or > to change Time Zone, and then press OK to save changes.

  4. Press < or > to change Month, and click OK to advance to Day

  5. Press < or > to change Day, and click OK to advance to Year

  6. Press < or > to change Year, and click OK to save changes. A 'Date Saved' message will appear.

  7. Press < or > to change Hour, and click OK to advance to Minutes.

  8. Press < or > to change Minutes, and click Ok to advance to PM/AM

  9. Press < or > to change PM or AM

  10. Press OK to save changes on last time. A 'Time Saved' message will appear.

  11. Press OK to select the scrolling message, 'Connect to a Wireless Network?'

  12. Under Wireless, click OK to the scrolling message, 'Setup Using Mobile app'

  13. Press OK when after you have downloaded and installed the app on your mobile device. Observe a 'Preparing printer...' message.

    Note:  Take note of the Printer ID, e.g. MS321dn-WSA-1355.

Wireless Setup

Before proceeding, navigate through the printer menu options to activate Mobile App setup by going to Settings > Network /Ports > Wireless > Setup Using Mobile App > OK. Observe a 'Preparing printer...' message. Take note of the Printer ID, e.g. MS321dn-WSA-1355.

  1. Open the Lexmark Mobile Assistant app.

  2. Tap Connect to Printer and then Go to Wi-Fi Settings.

  3. Locate the Printer ID value noted in step 13, and select it. Observe the process messages displayed: Connecting, Obtaining IP address, Connected.

  4. Proceed to Wi-Fi Setup and tap Setup Wi-Fi Connection. Scroll to locate the Access Point's Network Name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) and then select it.

    Note:  You can also manually add your network's SSID if you cannot find it on the list.

  5. Enter the SSID password.

    • Select Show Password
    • Click on the | under Password to bring up the keyboard
    • Enter the password or passphrase.
  6. Tap Finish Wi-Fi Setup. The app will attempt to access the network and finish with a 'Setup Complete' message.

The printer will attempt to connect to the Network Name and will post a Setup Successful message.


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