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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

Modifications made to the Send email shortcut are not retained after sending

Issue description

Recipient e-mail settings are not retained after clicking Send.

Affected Products:

  • Solution: Lexmark Scan-to-Email
  • Multifunction: CX725, CX727, CX820, CX825, CX827, CX860, XC4140, XC4143, XC4150, XC4153, XC6152, XC6153, XC8155, XC8160, XC8163


To resolve this issue, make sure to update the printer firmware to the latest version. Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions for steps in updating the printer firmware.

The new changes are the post-email behavior by providing a new "Reset E-mail Information After Sending" setting.

Menu location:

  • Settings > E-mail > E-mail Defaults > Admin Controls > Reset E-mail Information After Sending

How it works:

  • If enabled, the "To", "Subject", "Message", and "Filename" fields will immediately reset to their default values after sending the e-mail.
  • If disabled (unchecked), the entries in these same fields will be retained until the user logs out, or the screen timeout is reached.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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