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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

Missing one full color plane

Issue description

When printing, the printouts depict one color is missing over the entire width and length of the page. If could either be one of the following:

Note:  For issues related to three colors (CMY) missing, please refer to this KB topic.

No yellow, oranges and reds look pink and greens look blueNo cyan, greens look yellow and purples look magenta/pinkNo magenta, reds and oranges look yellow, and purples look cyanNo black color


  1. Open Door B.

  2. Remove the waste toner bottle (WTB).

  3. Remove the imaging kit. Pull the unit out of the device and set on a flat surface.

  4. Remove the toner cartridge then remove the affected color's imaging unit from the imaging kit by releasing the blue 'L' locks and pulling the unit out of the imaging kit.

  5. Reinstall the imaging unit and lock into place.

  6. Press on the pogo pin contact of the affected color to ensure it springs back out.

  7. Reinstall the imaging kit.

  8. Insert the waste toner bottle then close Door A and Door B.

  9. Perform a test print and check if the issue persists.Replace the imaging kit of the affected color. Refer to the following steps for replacing the imaging kit.

    Note:  For a missing black color issue, after replacing the black imaging kit and the issue still persists, replace the color imaging kit.

Service action

There is likely a contact issue between the imaging basket and the High Volt Power Supply (HVPS).

  1. Reseat the cables of the affected colors' printhead and the HVPS. If the issue persists, proceed to Step 2.

  2. Replace the HPVS. If the issue persists, proceed to Step 3.

  3. Replace the printhead and/or printhead cables if damaged.

  4. Should there be additional concerns or questions, contact the next level of support for further diagnosis.


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