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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

Excessive color saturation on grayscale or color shading

Issue description

This issue is especially noticeable with lighter colors, grayscale and color shades appear darker or more saturated than normal.

Grays look more black than gray.

Light cyan looks darker than expected, and shades of light green may look more blue, or purples look more blue.

Oranges may look like a shade of purple or look more red.

Oranges and greens are lighter and moreyellow.

Black developer contact failure

Cyan developer contact failure

Magenta developer contact failure

Yellow developer contact failure


This is often an issue with the developer unit (Imaging Unit) not being fully seated.

Note:  The printer has a black imaging unit, which includes the developer unit and a photoconductor drum. The color imaging kit including three separate color developers and a combined photoconductor unit with three photoconductor drums

  1. Open Door B.

  2. Remove the waste toner bottle (WTB).

  3. Remove the imaging kit. Pull the unit out of the device and set on a flat surface.

  4. Unlock the Developer Hold Down arm (DHDA) by turning both blue levers; this disengages the 4 Imaging Units.

  5. Remove the Imaging Unit in question.

    1. Inspect to make sure all levers are in the closed position and all contacts appear undamaged.

    2. Reinsert the CMY or K Imaging Unit (Developer + Photoconductor drum) back into imaging unit basket.

  6. Perform the reverse of Step 4 to lock the Developer Hold Down Arm and lock all Imaging Units.

  7. Reinstall the imaging kit.

  8. Insert the waste toner bottle then close Door A and Door B.

  9. Perform a test print and check if the issue persists.Replace the imaging kit of the affected color.

  10. If the issue was not present upon initial install, it is unlikely that the imaging kit caused the issue, but the individual imaging unit/developer unit.


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