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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

661.xx paper jam issue

Issue description

The printer prompts a 661.xx paper jam issue if the tray is not fully inserted, or if the paper used has specifications incompatible with the printer.

The following error codes correspond to which tray the paper jam has occurred:

  • Tray 1 - 661.13
  • Tray 2 - 662.23
  • Tray 3 - 663.33
  • Tray 4 - 664.43
  • Tray 5 (CS/CX 73x product only) - 665.53


Misaligned tray inserted in the printer

Once the error message occurs, pull the tray out and insert it back into the printer and ensure that it is in its proper closed position. If the tray is still misaligned, take it out completely from the rail guides and then re-insert it.

If a particular media is causing the issue, ensure that the desired paper size matches the paper in the tray. The tray's side and rear paper guides should be resting lightly against the edges of the paper and not putting pressure on the sheets. Also make sure the paper stack height is below the maximum height indicated by the load line labels in the trays.


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