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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

Black backgrounds on all pages

Issue description

Black background on all black-only pages and no presence of color anywhere on the page.

Other contact failure illustrations


Make sure the printer is powered OFF and unplugged before proceeding.

  1. Open door B. Click the link below to see image on how to open door B.

  2. Remove the WasteToner Bottle.

  3. Remove the imaging kit.

  4. Press on the sixth pogo-pin contact to verify that it springs back out after depressing it.

    • If NO, contact Lexmark support for further diagnosis.
    • If YES, proceed to the next step
  5. Re - install the imaging kit, and insert the waste toner bottle then close Door A and Door B.

  6. Test again. Run a few print jobs to see any improvement in performance.

Service action

  1. Re‑seat the imaging unit one last time and make sure it is locked into position; the blue levers should be fully pushed down and locked into position.

    Note:  This is referenced as Transfer Module in MobileTech.

  2. Replace the COLOR imaging kit since this includes the IU basket.

    Note:  No on-site service is required for this component.

  3. Should there be additional concerns or questions, contact the next level of support for further diagnosis.


This is likely a contact issue between the imaging basket and the High Volt Power Supply (HVPS).


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