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Lexmark XC4150

Lexmark XC4150

Installation Guide for 2016 Lexmark Printer Common Utilities Package


The Printer Common Utilities package is a combined driver and common applications bundle. It contains the Network TWAIN drivers (to enable network scanning), Lexmark Status Center (to display printer supplies and status information along with individual print job statuses while printing) and Lexmark Scan Center (to enable scanning with customizable scan configuration shortcuts and basic image processing).

Installing Common Utility Package v2.0.0.0

This package is only available from the Lexmark Support Site and is not part of the CD for the CS/CX700 & CS/CX800 printer models.

Below are the instructions and installation screen shots for the Windows 7 Operating system:

  1. Download the Lexmark Printer Common Utilities Package from the Lexmark Support Site Drivers and Downloads page. Enter the Device Model and click Find Drivers & Downloads. In the search bar under Files, type in ‘Common Utilities Package’. Click on link in the results to download the file.

  2. Once the download has completed, a screen will then appear to provide options on which type of installation is preferred.

  3. Click on Install and choose your preferred type of installation.

  4. Click on Accept after reading through the End User License Agreement (EULA).

  5. Click Next after going over the Security Notification.

  6. The Additional Software dialog box will then display.

    • Lexmark Network Twain Scan Driver and Lexmark Status Center components are also available on the driver CD that ships with the CS700/800 & CX700/800 printer models.
    • Lexmark Scan Center is only available for these devices, and is not available on the CD that comes with the CS700/800 & CX700/800 printers.
    • Note:  If the components for the Lexmark Network Twain Scan Driver and Lexmark Status Center are already installed on the user PC, the installer will either skip the installation of these components or update them if they are older versions. Example of what user will see if the Lexmark Status Center has been previously installed.

  7. Choose either a discovered printer or use "My Printer is not listed." to specify a device. Then click Next.

  8. After performing the steps above, the completed installation message box will then display. For the example pictured here:

    • Lexmark Status Center was not listed because it was already installed and has the latest version.
    • Lexmark Network Twain Scan Driver was updated as the previously installed version was older.
    • Lexmark Scan Center was installed for the first time.
  9. After the installation completes, the Lexmark Scan Center will appear in the Startup menu.

    Note:  The rest of the Lexmark links in this example (i.e., EU Waste Recycling Info, Launch Product IC, Lexmark CX825 IC, and Lexmark Phone Book) are part of the CD driver installation and are not in the common utility package installation.

Uninstalling the Common Utility Package v2.0.0.0

To remove Lexmark Scan Center, Lexmark Status Center, and Lexmark Network Twain Scan Driver, use the uninstall function in the Control Panel > Programs and Features list.

  • Programs and Features Menu


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