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Lexmark MX718

Lexmark MX718

655.84A Toner Motor Error Appears on the Lexmark MS/MX72x_82x

Affected Products:

Single-Function: B2865, M5255, M5270, MS725, MS821, MS822, MS823, MS825, MS826

Multifunction: MX721, MX722, MX725, MB2770, XM5365, XM5370, MX822, MX826, XM7355, XM7370

Issue Description:

The 655.84A error message appears on the printer home screen upon printer boot up.


  1. Power the printer Off and open Door A.

  2. Reseat the toner cartridge and imaging unit.

  3. Make sure to properly re-install the toner cartridge and power the printer back On.

  4. Check the printer if the error message still appears.

  5. If the issue persists, ask the end-user if they have a spare toner cartridge or imaging unit for troubleshooting.

    • If the error message does not appear after trying a different toner cartridge or imaging unit, issue is resolved.

    • If the error message appears after trying a different toner cartridge or imaging unit, please refer to the Still Need Help? section of this article.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number

  • Toner/imaging unit/waste toner bottle part number and serial number


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