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Lexmark MX711

Lexmark MX711

EC7.2 (LW72.xx.P030) release notes

Firmware EC7.2 release notes (May 2019)

Changes since EC7.0, LW70.xx.P022

Issues Addressed:

  • Lexmark Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - CVE-2018-15519
  • Directory Traversal Vulnerability - CVE-2018-18894
  • Fixed issue where an App crashes when sanitizing edit box using single quotes in their VLML.
  • Removed anonymous authentication ciphers from factory default values
  • Fixed crash when shutting down SMB

New Features:

  • EtherFax Support
  • Note:  Setting the Fax Transport to 'etherFAX' will cause the fax feature to be unavailable unless the user has an active account for this device with etherFAX, LLC. You can contact etherFAX, LLC at, or call 1-877-384-9866 or 1-732-813-0990.


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