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Lexmark CS728

Lexmark CS728

Faxes received are printed instead of being forwarded to a configured shortcut

Issue description

When the Fax Forward feature is configured to forward faxes to a network shared shortcut, it goes through the following behaviors:

  • When printer receives a fax, it gets printed instead of being forwarded.
  • When printer receives a fax, an error page is printed.

Note:  This setting can be checked by accessing printer’s embedded web server (EWS): Settings > Fax > Analog Fax Setup > Fax Receive Settings > Admin Controls > Forward to.


This issue only occurs due to the following scenarios:

  • If you use Scan Center - Network Folder Scan Center Does Not support receiving Faxes and forwarding option.


The Fax forward feature has to be configured using a shortcut created in the Shortcuts menu from the embedded web server (EWS).

  • If the network share shortcut is not configured correctly, such as Share Path, File Path or Authentication.

Additional information

To avoid the behavior described in the Overview section of this article, the following settings must be checked:

  • The network share shortcut is created from the built-in Shortcuts menu which can be found under the embedded web server (EWS) page.
  • Note:  The network folder shortcut created from Scan center will not support Fax Forwarding

  • When adding a built-in network share shortcut;
  • Make sure that the domain before the username is NOT included. Some customers commonly make a mistake when setting up Fax, since the domain\user format works when setting it up in Scan Center.
  • Share Path could be set by using a hostname or an IP address.
  • Note:  Make sure to properly set up the DNS server when using a hostname for Share Path.

  • File Path should be the path (and file name) under Share Path as presented in the following example:
    • Share Path: \\myServer\Shared
    • File Path: \fax\faxtest
  • (Where fax is a sub folder under \\myServer\Shared and faxtest is the forwarded fax file name.)
  • Note:  The \ before subfolder fax is optional or Share Path: \\myServer\Shared\fax faxtest and File Path: (Where faxtest is the forwarded fax file name.)


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