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Lexmark CS720

Lexmark CS720

How to disable Airprint


AirPrint is a feature in Apple macOS and iOS operating systems in printing via a wireless LAN.

It does not require printer-specific drivers and it uses a combination of the mDNS and IPP protocols.

Disabling AirPrint

Airprint is


by default on Lexmark printers.

To disable it, you will need to disable either mDNS or IPP protocols.

IMPORTANT: Perform this action only if IPP and mDNS or IPP protocols are not needed since this will prevent IPP printing and printer discover using Apple's Bonjour


Disabling mDNS or blocking port 5353 can prevent some Lexmark management tools and software from performing correctly.

  • Access the printer's embedded web server (EWS) and navigate to Settings > Network/Ports > TCP/IP Port Access > deselect either or both TCP 631 ( IPP ) and UDP 5353 (mDNS).

  • Airprint should now be “Disabled”.

  • If Airprint still shows as "Enabled", update the printer firmware to the latest level.

    Refer to

    Downloading the latest Lexmark printer firmware

    for the steps on how to Check, Download, and Update the firmware



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