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Lexmark CS720

Lexmark CS720

Unable to connect to the wireless network using the MarkNet N8350 / N8360 / N8370

Issue description

  • Unable to connect to the wireless network when using the MarkNet N8350 or MarkNet N8360 wireless cards with a printer firmware level xxxxx.070.yyy or later.
  • The wireless connection is lost after updating printer firmware to version xxxxx.070.yyy or later.
  • The printer also stays in "Standard Network" mode when installed without an Ethernet cable connection present.
  • The wireless card will not show up as an installed option on Printer Settings pages.
  • The warning message “Unsupported USB device, please remove” appears on top of the control panel.


  1. Power the printer Off for one minute and power it back On.

    • If the issue is not resolved proceed to Step 2.
  2. Check on the type of wireless card installed in the printer.

    Note:  Please refer to the Additional Information for the wireless card model type.

    • If the wireless card model is a MarkNet N8350 or Marknet N8360, proceed to contact Lexmark Technical support.
    • If the model is MarkNet N8370, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Check the wireless card and wireless router:

    • Ensure the wireless card is configured with the SSID (Wi-Fi network name) and password that matches the wireless router/access point.
    • Make sure wireless router is working and other wireless devices such as laptop/phone can connect to it.
  4. Restart the wireless router.

Additional information

Make sure to check the wireless card model type as provided in the pictures below.

MarkNet N8350 and MarkNet N8360

Note:  These wireless models are easily identified by the rubber antenna sticking up outside of the printer.

MarkNet N8370


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