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Lexmark CS727

Lexmark CS727

Lexmark C/XC4150, C/XC61xx, CX/X72x, CS/X82x and XC81xx: Missing Tray 1 on the Printer?s Tray Configuration Settings

Affected Products:

Single function: CS720, CS725, CS820, C4150, C6160

Multi-function: CX725, CX820, CX825, CX860, XC4150, XC6152, XC6153, XC8155, XC8160, XC8163

Issue Description:

Issue is seen when the printer is in Safe Mode or Safe Mode is enabled.

In the printer’s web page, when changing the tray configuration settings, Tray 1 or other paper sources (Tray 2, Tray 3, etc.) is not found in the list.


  1. Check the printer’s status to know whether Safe Mode is enabled.

  2. Disable Safe Mode by following either of these steps below:

    • On the printer's control panel, touch Settings > Device > Maintenance > Configuration Menu > Device Operations > Safe Mode > Off.

    • Access the printer’s web page by typing its IP address on a browser, then navigate through Settings > Device > Maintenance > Configuration Menu > Device Operations, then uncheck Safe Mode and click Save to submit the changes.


      Printer will reboot by itself once you click on Save.

  3. Once printer is back on Ready, check the tray configuration settings to know whether the Tray 1 selection is now available. Go to Settings, select Paper and then under Tray Configuration you should see Tray 1 from the Source list.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number


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