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Lexmark CS725

Lexmark CS725

200.13 Paper jam error or grinding noise when printing

Issue description

The printer encounters a 200.13 paper jam error message which might be accompanied with a grinding noise when printing. This is caused by the media stack sliding back from the pick position due to the rear restraint being improperly set.


  1. Verify that the rear restraint (C) position is properly set. Click here to see the image.

    • It should not be too far back in the tray. If it is too far back, it can cause media to get stuck in the lift plate (A).
    • The media sheets should also lie flush up against the wall (B) and should match the media size set for use in the tray.

  2. Properly align the media with the tray restraints.

    • Size indicator and rear restraint indicator are aligned.
    • Size indicator and rear restraint indicator are NOT aligned.

    In the CS72x / CX725 printers, the lift plate (A) opening is large. This is because the tray's side restraints require a large range of motion when smaller sized media is printed.


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