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Lexmark M5170

Lexmark M5170

Troubleshooting a 121.08 error code

Issue description

A 121.08 Service Fuser error appears and the media (paper) has stopped in the fuser. See images below:

A 121.08 Service Fuser error appears on the printer’s operator panel.

A paper jam can be found inside the printer directly under the fuser.


  • The “Media Type” setting of the printer is set to Label or cardstock.
  • The printer just got powered on or was in “Power saver” mode when the print job was sent.
  • The first page is printed immediately after clearing a paper jam.




Clear the error by powering off the device and removing any media that could possibly be stuck in the fuser. (See the images below on how to remove the printer supplies and access the fuser area.) Power the printer back on after making sure that it is clear from any obstruction.


Heavy or thick media may possibly cause a 121.08 error. Check the media that you are using as to whether the printer supports it.

See the "Paper and specialty media guide" section of the printer's User's Guide to verify that your media meets all recommendations.


Should the error return after printing some pages, you can try changing the media type setting.

Note:  Changing the media type to a lighter weight media (a media setting that requires a lower fusing temperature) may reduce this error's frequency.

Example: If media type is initially set to “labels” or “cardstock”, changing it to "plain paper" can lower the error's frequency.

After changing the media type setting, monitor the resulting print quality and error rate.


Should error return or if changing the “Media Type” settings compromises the quality of the printout, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional troubleshooting recommendations.


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