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Lexmark M5170

Lexmark M5170

121.32 fuser errors in cold environments

Issue description

When the printer is located in a room with an ambient temperature below freezing (32° Fahrenheit), a 121.32 fuser error appears on the printer screen.

Lexmark printers are optimized for use in room environments with temperatures ranging from 60°F to 90°F. The printer performance can degrade outside this temperature range. Thus, the 121.32 fuser error can occur if the ambient temperature is below freezing.

Printer supported environment

For best printer performance, it is advisable to keep the printers in a supported environment with:

  • 60°F to 90°F temperature range
  • 8% to 80% relative humidity


Perform the following troubleshooting steps to reduce 121.32 fuser errors on below freezing room environments.

  1. Keep the printer as close to supported conditions as possible.

  2. In powering up the printer, warm the printer’s fuser unit above a freezing temperature by moving the entire printer to a warm area or moving only the fuser by:

    • Remove the fuser from the printer.
    • Move the fuser to a warm area and allow it to slowly warm to above freezing temperature.
    • Reinstall the fuser to the printer and power on the printer quickly before the fuser temperature drops below freezing.
  3. The printer must stay powered on to keep the fuser warm. To do this, disable Power Saver by disabling the printer's Sleep Mode. Follow these steps to disable Sleep Mode:

    • Turn Energy Conserve off in the Configuration menu
      • Hold the 2 and 6 buttons while powering on to enter the Configuration menu.
      • Navigate through Configuration menu > Energy Conserve > Off.
      • Once done, select Exit Config Menu.
    • Disable Sleep Mode from the main menu (Energy Conserve must be turned off before Sleep Mode can be disabled)
      • Navigate through Menu > Settings > General Settings > Timeouts > Sleep Mode > Disabled.
  4. Enable Power Saver if the ambient temperature rises above freezing; for example, during summer, to extend fuser life. Enable Sleep Mode from the menu main.

    • Navigate through Menu > Settings > General Settings > Timeouts > Sleep Mode > 20 min (default setting).
  5. Should issue persist, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.


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