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Lexmark MS810n / MS810dn / MS810dtn

Lexmark MS810n / MS810dn / MS810dtn

EC9.0 (LW90.xx.P207) release notes


Please make sure to read:Firmware upgrade remindersbefore upgrading the printer firmware.

Firmware EC9.0 release notes (February 2024)

Changes in LW90.xx.P207 (since LW90.xx.P015):

  • Security Issues Addressed:
    • CVE-2023-50735 - Heap corruption vulnerability in the PostScript interpreter
    • CVE-2023-50736 - Memory corruption vulnerability in the PostScript interpreter
    • CVE-2023-50734 - Buffer overflow vulnerability in the PostScript interpreter
    • Update open-source packages
  • Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:
    • Fix for an issue with smart card authentication failing
    • Fix for an incorrect output when printing certain PCL5 jobs
    • Fix for an issue where policy updates through LDD intermittently fail

Changes in LW90.xx.P015

  • New Features:
    • Add support for TLS1.3
    • PrintCryption v2 support – requires driver and app
    • Button under “Update Firmware” setting on the device operator panel and webpage allows an easy option for installing firmware updates
    • Administrator level setting, not configurable at job launch, to automatically split a large Scan to Email job into multiple smaller files/emails to reduce overall email size – note: this setting works with Native Scan to Email functionality and may not be available if using other Apps or workflows
    • Move scan data to utilize TLS
    • Support PDF/A-2u archival PDF format
    • Add support for ECC_P256 (prime256v1) openssl private key generation
    • Add support for 3072-length keys
    • Add/modify EULA URL in firmware update messages for all the following supported models:
      • MS315dn (2.4”)
      • MS415dn, MS417 (2.4”)
      • MS51x Series, MS610dn, MS617 (2.4”)
      • MS610de (4.3” eTask)
      • MS71x Series (2.4”)
      • MS810, MS811, MS812, MS817, MS818 (2.4”)
      • MS810de (4.3” eTask)
      • MS812de (4.3” eTask)
      • MS91x Series (4.3” eTask)
      • MX41x Series, MX51x Series (4.3” eTask)
      • MX61x Series (7.0” eTask)
      • MX71x Series, MX81x Series (7.0”/10.0” eTask)
      • MX91x Series (10” eTask)
      • CS51x Series (4.3” eTask)
      • CX41x Series (4.3” eTask)
      • CX51x Series (7.0” eTask)
  • Security Issues Addressed:
    • Prevent firmware donwgrades to protect against security exploits
    • CVE-2023-40239 XML external entity vulnerability
    • Updated Java certificates
    • Update OpenSource packages
    • Various other security improvements
  • Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:
    • Fix for a 900.15 permanent crash that results from the Fax Logging Level being set too high for too long
    • Fix for a device intermittently losing page counts when controller card is replaced
    • Updates to etherFAX
    • Fix for an issue where Home Screen Customization was not available on the device web page for some devices
    • Fixes for various 900 errors
    • Fixes for issues with various PDF test cases


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