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Lexmark MS818

Lexmark MS818

Print quality issues

Find the image that resembles the print quality problem you are having, and then click the link below it to read problem-solving steps.

Blank pages or near-blank pages quickly leading to blank pages

Washed out or faint print check

Light or faded print check

Poor print quality in cold environments

Partial or misaligned print output check

Partial print check on one side of the page

Light vertical bands

Fixing vertical white lines or streaks appearing on the print

Faint or inconsistent prints check

Horizontal gray bands and washed out print

Random spots or marks on the print

Repeating spots or horizontal lines check

Vertical smear lines check

Toner not fused to the page

Black vertical lines when copying, scanning and faxing

Repeating background or gray marks

Full page background or gray print

Black vertical steaks with no print

Black line is on the edge or part of the page is covered in toner

Vertical dark band at the edge of the print

Solid black page check

Crease, fold or wrinkle in the paper printout

Compressed print check

Line at the bottom of the page when copying using the ADF

Legacy ID: SO7777

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