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Lexmark MS812de

Lexmark MS812de

Washed out or faint print check

Issue description

The print output is very faint or washed out.

If the issue appeared after replacing the maintenance kit or after other printer service, a poor electrical contact to a component may be causing the defect.


Restarting the printer to ensure that all the settings are appropriate may improve the print quality. Performing these steps below will fix the issue:

  1. Power off the printer, wait for ten seconds, then power the printer back on and reprint to see whether the defect persists. Proceed to the next step if you see no improvement with the print quality.

  2. Remove the toner cartridge and imaging unit from the printer. You should see a foam roller (transfer roller) found below the imaging unit. Pushing on either side of the roller will depress and rebound it back into place.

  3. If the transfer roller won't depress and rebound back in place, remove it and reinstall it by pulling up the blue gear and pull it out from the right side to the left.

  4. Reinstall the transfer roller and put the supplies (toner cartridge and imaging unit) back into the printer. Power off the printer and power it back on again as part of the process; and retest by printing any document to see whether the issue still persists.

Service action

Most likely, the failure is from the transfer system where no voltage is being applied to the transfer roller; thus, inspection of the system from high voltage power supply (HVPS) to the transfer roller must be done. Following these steps below will guide you in troubleshooting the print quality defect.

  1. If the issue happens after installing a new maintenance kit, check whether the transfer roller included with the kit has been installed in the printer. If necessary, replace the Transfer roller (part number: 40X7582)

  2. Should issue occur immediately after the printer has been serviced, the connector may have been removed and not reinserted into the HVPS.

    Please remove the printer's right-hand cover and verify that the pink/red cable found on the lower right-hand side of the HVPS is properly installed. Also remove the transfer roller and ensure that the bronze bushing found in the left transfer bracket is still present.

    Replace HVPS (part number: 40X7578) if necessary.

  3. Clean any of the contacts as needed (ensuring the printer is powered off and unplugged before doing so).

  4. Check whether the pink/red transfer cable is pinched in the housing. If cable is damaged, replace the Transfer arm with cable (part number: 40X7605).

  5. Should there be additional concerns or questions, contact the next level of support for further diagnosis.


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