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Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Publishing Platform for Retail app‑specific escalation requirements

Before proceeding with these requirements, make sure that the Enterprise solution primary escalation requirements is already gathered.


  • Always ask for the exact steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Print issues
    • How many stores are affected?
    • What’s the expected/unexpected output? (capture screen shot)
    • Any error messages along with the unexpected print? (capture screen shot if it has error)
    • StoreID of affected store
    • Ask for Batch ID (capture screenshot)
    • Ask for Batch Name (capture screenshot)
    • Check how the batch been created or who created the batch
    • Ask for template name if possible
    • Try to print it output on PDF and capture the result
    • If it’s only for specific sign, ask for the exact name of sign
    • Get SIID from sign if possible
  • Number of copies shows zero and not able to print it.
    • Ask for specific batch
    • Ask how the batch been created then check why the others are showing the number of copies and the one reported show’s zero.
    • Capture the specific batchID
    • Capture the specific batchName
    • Capture the StoreID of affected store
  • Request to modify or update a template
    • Ask for the exact template name that needs to be modified
    • Ask for a sample of the template that they expect

Print Control Issue


• InternetExplorer uses v9.5 & below (activeX control). • GoogleChrome uses v9.6 & above (Lexmark Publishing Platform Control service).

Uses v9.5 & below.

  • Make sure they have already added the PPR on browser as trusted site / Compatibility View Settings.

  • If print control uses ActiveXcontrol (v9.5 and below), Make sure its enabled and present on Browsers Add-ons

Uses v9.6 & above.

  • Make sure that Lexmark Print service is running and shows in system tray

  • Any error messages along when printing? (capture screenshot if it has an error)

    • Check if error happens only on specific batch

    • Ask for Batch ID (capture screenshot)

    • Ask for Batch Name (capture screenshot)

  • Capture print control logs.
    Make sure to set the log Level to Information then reproduce the issue.

    • Advanced

      > Network Setup > Log Level > View

  • Capture also the event viewer logs from the application server.

For PPR Cloud Customers:

  • Request to process uploaded file on FTP

    • Verify the files present on customers FTP site

    • Verify to the customer if it’s for staging/production

    • Inform L3/Cloud retail that customer got a request to process uploaded files on ftp.

Publishing Platform Manager:

  • Request to restore deleted batches

    • Verify if its only for specific store or all stores

    • Capture the exact batchname

    • Capture the exact batchID

    • From what store the batch been deleted?

  • Request to distribute a batch from one store another

    • Capture the store number where the batch will be distributed

    • Capture the exact batchname

    • Capture the exact batchID

  • FOR PPR CLOUD: Customers didn’t get (something) that they expected:

    • e.g. CSV Report

    • e.g. Vestcom FTP file

    • e.g. Rexall Distribution

    • Different customers have a variety of items

      • Ask what they expect to get and Documents necessary information and always check with L3 for assistance


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