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Lexmark MS711

Lexmark MS711

Embedded security settings additional escalation requirements

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the Security issue primary escalation requirements.

Additional requirements ‑ 802.1x

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

802.1x Server/Versions

This information is used for simulation especially whether the customer is using Cisco ACS or Microsoft RADIUS Server, etc.

End‑user provided

Brand/Model/Firmware Info of the Switch

Info is used for simulation and analysis.; e.g., Read Only, Write, etc.

End‑user provided

Additional requirements ‑ Active directory

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

Status Error

It is an overview on the actual problem.

The error would show up if it fails to join the domain. Please provide screenshots.

Server information

Info is used for simulation and analysis

Note:  Applicable on Windows systems only.

  1. Click Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Info.

  2. Click File, and then Save.

Additional requirements ‑ Addressbook

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

Test Results Error

The actual error would point in the right direction as to which area needs to be reviewed.

Test button can be found on the bottom part of Addressbook Settings in EWS. Please provide screenshots.

Active Directory Users and Computer

Needed for better comparison with the address book settings.

Info can be obtained from the Administrator who has access to the Domain Controller, which should indicate where the user is residing.

Additional requirements ‑ SNMP

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain


Info is used for simulation and analysis.

End‑user provides this by using a third party SNMP tool.


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