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Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Identifying Causes of Paper Jams in the Hole Punch Unit (HPU)


Several factors can cause paper jams in the Hole Punch Unit (HPU). This document helps you identify their possible causes and then provides the proper way of removing the jammed sheets should such jams occur.

Unsupported media

One common cause of HPU paper jam is using specialty media such light weight paper, labels, and card stock. The following brands of labels are known to exhibit feed issues and may lead to paper jams if directed to the HPU:

  • Walgreens (4.25 x 11" paper label)
  • Best Buy (5.5 x 8.5" vinyl)
  • Walmart (8.5 x 11" vinyl)
  • DMV (8.5 x 11")

When printing on specialty media, Lexmark recommends you to direct the sheets in the printer's standard output bin instead of the HPU in order to avoid experiencing paper jams.

Pieces of paper lodged in the HPU

The small paper pieces resulting from the HPU punching holes in the sheets are called “chads”. Chads may become lodged in the punch unit and thus cause continuous jams, particularly the 459.83 error, or even a grinding noise. For continuous or intermittent paper jams caused by shards of chads, see section below on How to Remove Paper Jam in the HPU.

Chad examples; see image below for examples of chad waste material.

Click Image to Enlarge
Shards of chads like the ones the red arrows in the image above point to may over time become lodged in the punch unit and cause paper jams.

How to remove paper jam in the HPU

When a HPU jam occurs, it may be difficult to remove the jammed sheet. It is possible that sometimes you may even rip off part of the paper, which leaves the remaining portion stuck in the HPU. If this happens, the Jam wheel is the most effective way of removing the jammed remnant. To find this wheel, you need to open the rear door of the HPU. See image below.

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Open the HPU rear door to access the Jam wheel. Using your finger, turn the gear upwards to manually push the paper out of the HPU.

IMPORTANT! If you are unable to remove the stuck paper using the Jam wheel, contact Lexmark Technical Support for a possible repair service.

Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance.
When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these,.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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