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Lexmark MS811

Lexmark MS811

Fine lines in DBCS fonts are not printed clearly

Issue description

Fine lines in Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) fonts, specifically Chinese characters, are not printed clearly using the default settings of a Lexmark MS71x, MS81x, MX71x, and MX81x.


The following settings are recommended to improve the quality of result when printing DBCS fonts without affecting the toner cartridge yield.

  • Select Settings.

    Note:  Depending on the printer model, Settings can be represented by the word itself or icons for these printer models:

  • Go to Print Settings.

  • Select Quality menu.

  • Go to Pixel Boost.

  • Select “Fonts” under Pixel Boost options and then press Submit.

  • The screen will show “Submitting changes” and will go back to Quality Menu.

  • This time, select Toner Darkness and adjust the setting to 7.

  • Press Submit.

  • Note:  Adjusting the Toner Darkness to 7 should compensate the effects of Pixel Boost in toner consumption. As a result, the toner consumption is maintained as having a regular setting. However, this will result in slightly lighter print. You may leave the Toner Darkness value set at 8 in order to maintain the darkness that you have grown accustomed to, but this will result in reduced toner yield.

    LEGACY ID: SO7424

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