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Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

No print jobs are found in Secure Held Print jobs

Issue description

Affected Products

Any printer utilizing one of the following apps:

  • Smart Card Authentication Client (SCAC) Secure Held Print Jobs
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Held Jobs

Upon pressing Release Print Jobs, the message "no jobs found" displays on the operator panel. This occurs after successfully sending the job and after successfully swiping your card to authenticate your credentials.


  • Release Print Jobs,Secure Held Print Jobs or a different name may appear on the operator panel. This name may be configured via the embedded web server path Settings > Embedded Solutions or Device SolutionsSolutions (eSF) or AppsApps Management > PKI Held Jobs or Secure Held Print Jobs > Configure tab > Icon Text field.
  • There are two types of Print Release, the PrintRelease – lite and the LDD PrintRelease. It is highly recommended to determine what Print release they are using at the beginning of the call.


These checks should be performed to identify what is causing jobs to not appear in the release queue. Make sure that you can access the printer's EWS to ensure printer communication.

  1. Check whether the printer is in Ready state.

  2. Verify whether the person logged in to the computer is the one who sent the print job and who is trying to release it.

  3. Make sure the "Require all jobs to be held" is enabled. To do this, access the EWS and navigate through: Settings > Apps, Embedded Solutions, or Device Solutions > PKI Held jobs or Secure Held print jobs.

  4. Check and make sure that the Print & Hold feature is disabled in Printing preferences.

  5. Check access controls and make sure that the necessary functions are set to Smart Card template.

  6. Verify if the Print object is using the correct IP address and port, which is the Standard TCP/IP port.

  7. Try direct printing to determine whether it's an App or driver issue.

    Note:  You might need to first disable the PKI Held jobs or Secure held print jobs in order to do direct printing.

  8. Check whether the print job will disappear or just sit in the windows print queue.

    • For print jobs that are sitting in the queue, this explains why the job can’t be found in Secure held print jobs, which is most likely a printer driver issue. Update the printer’s driver with the latest version.
    • For print jobs that disappear from the windows print queue and yet are not available in Secure held print jobs, this most likely an App issue. Update the PKI Held jobs or Secure held jobs to the latest version.
  9. Update printer's firmware with the latest level.


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