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Lexmark XC2132

Lexmark XC2132

200.03 paper jams

Issue description

A 200.03 paper jam error message appears on the printer control panel display. The error indicates that the printer has registered a paper jam in or around Tray 1 or the Front Door.


  1. Be sure that any previous jams have been completely removed. Click here for instructions on locating and removing paper jams.

  2. Make sure that the Standard Paper Tray (Tray 1) is loaded correctly and not overloaded. Click here for instructions on loading paper to the printer.

  3. Visually inspect the pick tires (or feed rollers) of the paper pick roller assembly to if they are worn, contaminated, or pulled off the hubs (tire/hub orientation is critical). If the pick tires are worn out or contaminated, find the T-shaped pick arm assembly and carefully remove each of the two rubber pick tires.

    Note:  If you have an extra set of pick tires, use them to replace the old ones. In case you don’t have any extra pick tires, try reseating the tires or clean them with alcohol wipes to remove any contamination.

  4. If the paper in the printer shows signs of excessive wrinkles, creases, or dampness, or if the sheets are bent or wavy, or have ream glue or curl, there is probably too much moisture in the paper. Replace the paper in the printer with new paper from an unopened ream.

  5. For safety reasons, and for paper feed reliability, the printer should rest on a flat, level, and uniform surface.

  6. If issue persists after performing the steps mentioned above, an issue may exist within the machine hardware. Contact Lexmark Support for other troubleshooting suggestions.

Note:  If necessary, refer to the device Service Manual for more detailed diagnostic information and FRU removal procedures.

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