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Lexmark XC2132

Lexmark XC2132

Recurring 230.03 paper jam

Issue description

Paper repeatedly jams whenever the printer tries to print on both sides of the paper (front and back). The printer displays a Paper Jam message, open front door to clear duplex. The accompanying numeric error code is 230.03.

Note:  You can select Show areas on the printer’s control panel to view images that will help you locate where the jam is occurring. Once the paper path is completely cleared of all jammed paper/media, the printer should resume normal printing.


  1. Try to locate and remove the jammed paper.

    Note:  If this print job consisted of more than one page, probably more than one page is stuck inside the printer. Follow all the steps in the and confirm that the entire paper path is clear before attempting to print again.

  2. Make sure the paper used is a supported media.

  3. Load the paper correctly into the tray to prevent heavy skew. Follow the .

  4. Inspect the movement of the Tray 1 actuator flag to ensure that it is not stuck and can move freely.

    Note:  If the actuator flag appears stuck, damaged, or in improper operation, a service action will be needed to replace the flag.


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