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Lexmark CX310

Lexmark CX310

'Supply Notification Settings' Alert Failures: VCC Name Changes in EC4 (.P416) and Backwards EC Firmware Compatibility

What you will see

The VCC Import action returns a failure and the desired setting fails to be set.

Specifically, bundles that have IMAGING UNIT alert settings will fail if applied to a device with EC4 (.P416) or newer firmware.

Devices with...

VCC keys ( origination...


Pre-EC4 level FW...

Pre-EC4 with imaging unit alert settings

No problem updating to .P416 or greater.

EC4 level FW...Pre-EC4 with imaging unit alert settingsImaging Unit alert failures when pre-EC4 file sent to EC4 device.
Pre-EC4 level FW...

EC4 with imaging unit alert settings

Imaging Unit alert failures when EC4 file sent to a pre-EC4 device.

There is no impact to the device in either case; however, a mismatched VCC key causes this failure. A key for color "cyan" may now be a key for "imaging unit alerts" or vice versa.

Affected products

This mostly affects monochrome printers and only impacts ~9 different possible bundles having a device configuration bundle that contains a supplies key for imaging units.

Suggested Remedies

Scenario (If...)

First ...

And then...

A pre-EC4* device is already configured...

Upgrade FW. ...
A pre-EC4 device needs to be configured with a pre-EC4 bundle containing the supplies keys, and the device also needs to be upgraded to EC4...

Send the pre-EC4 bundle containing the supplies keys.

Update firmware to EC4.

A pre-EC4 device needs to be configured with an EC4 bundle containing the supplies keys, and the device also needs to be upgraded to EC4...

Update firmware to EC4.

Send the EC4 bundle.

You would like to convert a pre-EC4 bundle to an EC4 bundle (send the pre-EC4 bundle to a device with pre-EC4 firmware)...

Update device to EC4 or later firmware, but only after the pre-EC4 device has been configured with pre-EC4 bundle.

Export a new bundle. See xref_HO3877_xref

*EC4 = .P416or greater

(Last decimal place value for the 'Base' code level as seen under Device Settings.)

EC4 Fix Explanation

The NPA ID of supplies is not a fixed value between various product families and the VCC (though a static map exists for VCC-to-NPA IDs). This mismatch results in the above reported condition.

Two .P416 (EC4) firmware fixes that will ensure bundles remain consistent for future versions of firmware:

  1. A fix to correctly map the Supplies names to look up the correct NPA.*SUPPLY.* for the machine. This ensures any bundles created after updating firmware to .P416 will be consistent.

  2. A fix that allows only settings that can take effect to be accepted; for example, a color laser printer may have a single imaging unit and not one per color cartridge. This means that supplies.imaging is the correct key, not supplies.blackPC as originally expected.

# of IDs allocated for SUPPLYIssue... An example...
12VCC <> NPA ID position for supply value variable for different products
Maintenance Kit "SUPPLY"Position
Color product5
Monochrome product3

The absence of values for individual C,M,Y supply settings means a monochrome printer's position for Maintenance kit falls into a different position.

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