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Lexmark XC2132

Lexmark XC2132

`Tray 1 Missing’ or `Insert Tray‘ error messages


The ‘Tray 1 Missing’ or ‘Insert Tray 1’ error messages indicate that the printer has failed to detect the standard paper tray.


  1. Power off the printer, wait 30 seconds, and then power on the printer again.

    Yes: Continue to Step 2 or go to Contacting Lexmark for information.

    No: Print a test page. If the page prints, the printer is functioning correctly.

  2. Power off the printer again.

  3. Remove all paper from the tray. Look for and remove any obstructions.

  4. Also look for any damages in the tray.

    Note:  If any of its parts appear damaged, a service call will likely be required to resolve the issue. See Contacting Lexmark for information.

  5. Load the paper back into the tray. Make sure the paper is under both corner bucklers and lying flat in the tray.

  6. Insert Tray 1 into the printer and power the printer back on.

  7. If issue persists, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for other troubleshooting suggestions.


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