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Lexmark XC2132

Lexmark XC2132

283.03 Scanner jam

Issue description

The printer’s operator panel displays a '283.03' Scanner Jam message, which indicates that the scanner has registered a media piece as having jammed in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) path.


Perform the following should the scanner ADF frequently encounter paper jams:

  1. If the ADF is multi-feeding or single‑feeding, check for dirt or excess paper dust on the ADF separator pad, restraint pad, and the ADF separator rollers.

    Note:  If the pads and rollers are dirty, dampen a clean, lint-free cloth or a lens cloth (commonly used for cleaning glasses) with isopropyl alcohol and carefully wipe the pad and roller surfaces.

  2. Check the ADF guides to make sure that the paper is properly fitted. Do this especially if the scanned result appears skewed as an improperly loaded paper can be a possible cause of the problem.

  3. Close the ADF top cover properly. Make sure it is not open or ajar.

  4. Check the paper causing the 283.03 Scanner Jam error by looking for damages or curls at the paper's leading edge. Try to flatten out the curls on the paper. If there are curls or damages that can't be fixed at the paper's leading edge but the trailing edge is undamaged, rotate the paper by 180 degrees to make the damaged or curled leading edge be the trailing edge.

  5. Should the error persist when using the ADF, use the flatbed scanner to copy and update the printer’s firmware to the latest version.


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