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Lexmark XC2132

Lexmark XC2132

Determining fan functionality


This article will discuss the proper functionality of the printer's main fan.

Proper Fan Operation

The printer's fan has to run at various times to cool down the machine, and in a hot environment it will have to run more often than otherwise. It is NORMAL for the fan to run:

  • Briefly during startup.
  • At all times during printing. Revolutions per minute (RPM) will vary based on the print job's length.
  • The exact time the fan will continue to run after the printer finishes a print job varies as this will depend on the environment and the length of recent print jobs. The fan will run until the printer reaches a safe internal temperature.

Abnormal Fan Operation

It is NOT NORMAL for the fan to run:

  • When the printer is in sleep mode (screen off, sleep button lit).
  • When the printer is in idle mode (printer in "Ready" state), unless the printer is in a very warm environment.
  • When the printer is in an error state (i.e., paper jam). The printer should act the same as it does in idle mode.





If the printer's fan is running too often, please update to the latest firmware.

Download the latest firmware for your printer

  1. Go to

  2. Type your printer model in the “Enter Product Name” field and click GO OR click on the picture of the correct printer model shown.

  3. Locate the “Downloads” tab.

  4. Select the version of the Operating System.

  5. Click the link available under "Firmware".

  6. Once you have the latest firmware, proceed with the next section for information on how to perform the update.

How to update the firmware

Select any of the methods from the next table to flash the latest firmware on your printer.

Important! If the issue persists or if you are having difficulties performing the update, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.

Note: Try setting the device's sleep timer to one minute to keep the machine cooler when it is not printing.


If the fan on your device is turning on more often than it should, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.

Firmware Flash Methods


Embedded Web Server (EWS) Recommended

Open a browser and enter the IP address of the printer. Select Settings >Update Firmware.

USB utility

Updating the printer firmware using USButil or USB flash utility for the detailed steps.

USB thumb drive

Updating printer or MFP firmware using a USB thumb or flash drive for the detailed steps.


Updating the printer firmware via FTP for the detailed steps.


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