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Lexmark MX910

Lexmark MX910

919.224 Service engine error

Issue description

The printer displays a 919.224 error when a 3000-sheet High Capacity tray is installed. This error is possibly caused by a bent pin or a loose connection between the 3000-sheet option to the 2500-sheet or the 2 x 500-sheet tray options.


  1. Make sure the packaging materials used in the option tray are all removed, especially if the error appeared only after installing the 3000-sheet High Capacity tray. Click here to proceed to a video demonstration under the category Preparing your printer > Installing the 3000-sheet tray.

  2. If the option tray is cleared of any packaging materials, inspect the connectors on both the 3000-sheet High Capacity tray and the 2500-sheet or 2 x 500-sheet tray options (whichever is installed on the device).

  3. Make sure that both connectors have no bent pins or anything that would cause a connection obstruction.


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