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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

Reading Bar Codes with Scan to Network Premium


After you create a bar code template using Bar Code Discovery, can you transfer the template to another MFP?


Yes, barcode templates can be exported to MFPs running the premium version of Scan to Network since this version allows the reading of barcodes; it is able to interpret the read values as index keys or filenames.



You will want to export the actual destination that has an actual bar code template referenced or associated.

Templates created but not associated to any Scan to Network destination are not exported.

SNF Premium requirement

In order for the bar code template to function properly, it is essential that each destination have an associated template.

Bar Code Discovery role

In order to create and manage templates, Bar Code Discovery must be installed on the MFP; however, it is not needed if you have already imported a Scan to Network destination that is using an existing template.

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