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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

Resource Values in the Embedded Solutions? or Apps? System Tab Explained


This article explains how the printer’s resource values are calculated.

This setting is found on the embedded web server ( EWS) > Settings > Embedded Solutions or AppsApps Management or Device SolutionsSolutions ( eSF) > System tab > Info section.


The following values are specifically targeted at the usage of the Solutions on the device. They do not pertain to the general system usage value.

Memory resource

  • Memory Total

    is the amount of memory reserved for solutions' use on the device.
  • Memory Used is the amount of memory currently used by the solutions installed on the device.

This number may fluctuate due to the apps changing memory allocation.

Storage resource

  • Storage Total

    is the amount of shared code storage space available for solutions to use.
  • Storage Used is the total shared code storage space currently used by the solutions installed on the device.

This may vary depending on log files or app settings and other subsystems.

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