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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

How to Increase 100,000-Row Report Limit for Data Export in LDD


By default, Lexmark Document Distributor ( LDD) reporting is limited to 100,000 data rows. The following steps will allow you to increase the number of data export rows in the report.


IMPORTANT! Install the Java Development Kit ( JDK) before performing the following steps. You may have to add the JDK bin path to your environment variables.


Copy the admin- file found in <drive>: \Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\apps\wf-ldss\WEB-INF\lib to a folder.

The jar file version may be different.


Extract the file using a zip utility (e.g., 7zip).

Click here for a sample image of the directory or file structure.


Open the WEB-INF folder. Using a text editor, edit the " reportMaxCount" value (to your preference) found on the file " applicationContext-admin_reports.xml", and then save the file. For example:

name=" reportMaxCount" value=" 120000"


Open a command prompt window and change the directory to the extracted folder.

For example, if you extracted the admin- in C:\test folder, then your command prompt should be in C:\test\admin- directory.


Type " jar cvf admin- *" to recompile the jar file.

Click here for a sample image.

6 After the compilation completes, a jar file will be created within the admin- folder.
7 Go to <drive>: \Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\apps\wf-ldss\WEB-INF\lib folder, and make sure to back up the admin- file before proceeding with the next step.
8 Copy the new file, paste it in the <drive>: \Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\apps\wf-ldss\WEB-INF\lib folder to overwrite the original file.
9 Go to Start, type Services, and then open the Services window.
10 Locate Lexmark Solutions Application Server, and then restart the service.

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