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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

How to Test Whether LPM Mobile Proxy Service Is Active Without a Mobile Device


This is the service that mobile devices communicate with through the Lexmark Mobile Print (LPM) application. The service is installed only through the LPM mobile installer (not the LPM-base installer) on each Tomcat server in the "C:\Program Files\Lexmark\Solutions\apps\mobile" directory.

Recommended solution

1 Open any capable browser.

Enter 'https://[Enter the Load Balancer IP Address]/mobile/rest/info' on the browser's address bar.

Load Balancer Server refers to the Database Server (or just DB server if separate from the Load Balancer).

3 Accept the self-signed certificate from the Lexmark Document distributor (LDD) system once the dialog box displays.

A syntax similar to the list below should display in the browser view if the service is running successfully: { "printQueueName": "Lexmark Print Management", "version": { "printReleaseApiVersion": "1.3.5", "documentAccountingApiVersion": "1.3.5", "printSubmissionApiVersion": "1.3.5" }, "capabilities": { "printSettings": { "copies": "unavailable", "duplex": "unavailable", "nup": "unavailable", "color": "unavailable", "collation": "unavailable", "title": "unavailable", "description": "unavailable" } } }


Try submitting documents that are going to be converted, by using a browser Rest plugin such as Advanced REST Client or POSTMAN.

Click here for how to use a browser REST plugin.

Submitting a document using a browser Rest plugin


1 Open the REST plugin that was downloaded for the browser used.

Set up a POST to 'https://[Enter the Load Balancer IP Address]/mobile/rest/users/[username]/printdocs' with form-data or file payload named 'file'.

If you have the LPM solution settings in the LMC > Solutions tab > PrintReleasev2 solution > Configuration task > User Authentication configuration, set to ‘Userid Only’, then any preferred user name can be used in the POST URL above.

See the image below as an example from AdvRestClient plugin to the Chrome browser:

Make sure 'multipart/form-data' content type is selected.

Still need help?

If you need additional assistance, please close this window, go to your product's support page and locate

Get In Touch with Lexmark! for contact information.

In order to expedite the support process, please be prepared to provide information regarding your issue; e.g., name and version of solution, problem description, and affected printer models.

The support agent may request additional information.


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