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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

Authentication failed when using badge or username / password entry for Pharos BluePrint 4.2

What you will see

You badge-in or enter your authentication username and password credentials yet receive an 'authentication error' message.

Click here for illustration.

Preliminary Questions

If authentication type... Then ask...

Badge authentication...

  1. Is the badge recorded in the Pharos database for this user?

  2. To check for a badge reader issue, does authentication fail on another device (MFP)?

Username/Password authentication...

  1. Is the Active Directory (AD) server in the same domain as the Blueprint server?

  2. Did you try to set up the MFP's address book with the same Active Directory settings used in the Blueprint authentication script?

Other authentication failure possibilities, to include:

  • Badge is recorded in the Pharos database but not assigned to an employee.
  • Badge reader is not sending good information to Blueprint.
  • Active Directory settings are wrong in the Blueprint authentication script.
  • The user is unknown in the Active Directory.

Authentication failure possibilities

Badge is not recorded in the Pharos database: How to add the badge

To add the badge:

  1. Use RegisterMe (app) to add the badge in the Pharos database.

  2. Or, add the badge manually in the Pharos database with Blueprint Administrator of the Analyst. For example, Employees > Employees > Add Employee.

  3. Select Card as IDType. Enter the ID and click on Apply.

  4. Lastly, assign the newly created card top to the desired employee (see next suggestion).

Badge is recorded in the Pharos database but not assigned to an employee

To assign badge to employee:

  1. Use Blueprint Administrator of the Analyst to assign the card to the desired employee. Employees > Employees

  2. Click on the desired employee in the employees' list.

  3. Click on the identifiers tab and on Add existing button.

  4. Select the badge number you want in the list and click on OK.

Badge reader is not sending the good information to Blueprint

To confirm the reader is properly working:

  1. Plug the badge reader into a computer's USB port.

  2. Open Notepad.

  3. Engage caps lock on the keyboard.

  4. Swipe badge over reader and confirm that the information sent by the badge reader is displayed in Notepad.

  5. Verify whether the card identifier is that which is recorded in Blueprint and assigned to this user.

Active Directory settings are wrong in the Blueprint authentication script

  • The Active Directory (AD) user specified in Blueprint script has bad credentials. In this case, the Blueprint script can not enter into the AD to find the user who is trying to authenticate.
  • The Analyst cannot automatically find the AD because it’s not in the same domain of the AD.

A domain administrator can help fix these two errors. He will have all the necessary information required to correctly set up the AD settings in the script.

The user is unknown in the Active Directory

Ask the domain administrator to add this user in the Active Directory.

Note:  In order to expedite the support process, please be prepared to provide information regarding your issue, e.g., name and version of solution, problem description, and affected printer models.


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