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Printing from Windows 10



How you initiate print jobs from Windows 10 will largely depend on the application (app) type.

If printing from...To print...Images

Tablet Mode (Windows 10 Store Apps)

Press Ctrl + P to launch the print preview.

Select the Printer charm from the drop down list.

Set the desired print options, and then click Print.

Desktop apps (32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)apps)

These apps may be represented as tiles in Windows 10, but they will open in the desktop.

Click File > Print from within the app or press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

Metro App printing

(Example Only)

  1. Open a tablet mode app such as Microsoft Edge by selecting the Start screen tile .

  2. Locate a web page to print.

  3. Select Ctrl + P. It will open the Universal App where you can select your printer.

  4. A Settings window for your printer appears where you can change the number of copies, orientation, color mode, and other settings.

  5. Click More settings for additional options; including paper size, type, and output tray.

  6. Click OK to return to the previous screen.

  7. Click Print.

Note:  This print setup works in the same way across all tablet mode apps.

Desktop App printing

Printing Desktop apps in Windows 10 works the same as it does in previous versions of Windows.

Devices: There's nothing to send right now

Two reasons for this message:

  • You do not have an app open that supports printing.
  • You are running a desktop app originally designed for Windows 7 or older.


Windows 10 reference or iconDescription

Start charm returns you to Start screen.

Print Preview

More settings displays additional print settings. This resembles what you may have seen with Page Setup, Preferences, or Properties with previous Windows versions.

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Please refer to KB article HO3981 for accessing the print queue in Windows 10.


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