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Lexmark XM9155

Lexmark XM9155

Unable to Enforce Security Policy on Printers with Firmware Code P43x and P47x


You cannot enforce a security policy in MarkVision Enterprise (MVE) on devices with firmware code levels P43xP47x. The following error message may appear:

Note:  You can enforce a security policy when the printer has EC3 (P3xx) firmware or below.

Affected printers

This issue has been seen on Lexmark CS / CXxxx, MS / MXxxx, and XM / M / Cxxxx printers, but other models not listed here could be affected.

Note:  An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.


This concern may occur after updating the printer firmware to EC4 or EC4.1. The firmware levels P43xP47xmodify some security building blocks which in turn cause the policy enforcement failure.


Update the printer’s firmware to PE Release code P480 or higher. To obtain this version, please contact Lexmark Technical Support and reference this article ID. Support personnel can assist with the update procedure if necessary.

Note:  Make sure to clear browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and Java cache and temp files, and then restart the browser.

The steps may vary depending on the web browser and Java version. Below are some helpful support links:


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