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Lexmark XM9165

Lexmark XM9165

Printer Posts `Paper Jam, Open Doors G, H and J and Clear Jammed Paper. [200]?

Affected Products:

Single-Function: MS911

Multifunction: MX91x

Issue Description:

A 200 paper jam error appears on the printer. These sample images show the actual error seen on the printer.

MS911 Control PanelMX911 Control Panel


  1. Check any paper jammed in door G.

  2. Unlatch the finisher and gently move it away from the printer.

    • Check the cable between the Horizontal Transfer Unit and the finisher to see whether it has become disconnected, as shown in this image below:

    • If the cable is disconnected, power off the printer and reconnect the cable as shown in image (B).

  3. Move the finisher back into position and re-latch the finisher to the printer.

  4. Power the printer back on and try to print a test page to see whether the error reoccurs.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number


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