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Lexmark MX911

Lexmark MX911

283.15 Scanner jam error

Issue Description:

A 283.15 scanner jam error displays on the printer screen after scanning via ADF. Usually either the first or second page jams when it passes through the ADF.

Note:  This issue only affects MX91x models.


Dirty/excessive paper dust on the sensor commonly causes this error. Cleaning the ADF scan sensor clears the error and fix the issue. The following steps guide you in cleaning the scan sensor.

  1. Open the scanner cover.

  2. Locate the ADF scan sensor on the scanner cover.

  3. Using a cotton swab, gently wipe off (with up and down motion) both inner surfaces of the sensor area.

  4. Close the scanner cover.

  5. Scan page to test whether the error still persists.


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