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Lexmark MX910

Lexmark MX910

EC7.3 (LW73.xx.P034) release notes

Firmware EC7.3 release notes (August 2019)

Changes since EC6.3, LW63.xx.P638

Apps (eTask models only):

  • Update Card Copy App to version 2.12.6 (fixes an issue with the app on 4.3” UI devices)

Security Issues Addressed:

  • SNMP Denial of Service Vulnerability - CVE-2019-9931
  • Lexmark Overflow Vulnerabilities
    • CVE-2019-9930
    • CVE-2019-9932
    • CVE-2019-9933
  • Cross Site Request Forgery - CVE-2019-10057
  • Account Lockout - CVE-2019-10058
  • Information Disclosure via finger service - CVE-2019-10059
  • Information Disclosure Vulnerability
    • CVE-2019-9934
    • CVE-2019-9935
  • Shortcut Integrity vulnerability - CVE-2019-6489

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Fix for a 900.00 error when receiving a fax that contains a blank page when the Fax Transport is set to etherFAX
  • Fix to handle special XML characters in reporting
  • Translations changes
  • Improve capability for concurrent app presence


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